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Canadians for Messef Autumn Project
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Goal: $3000.00 | Raised: $432.00 Started: June 1, 2011
Ended: January 2, 2012

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WE REACHED OUR TARGET OF $500 IN THE FATHER'S DAY APPEAL -  but we still have a good way to go to meet our overall goal, so please keep reading

 Canadians for Messef, started by Sandra Wood and Tammy Drew who visited Messef earlier this year, planned to bring a team down to the Dominican Republic at the end of September/beginning of October, 2011.  Due to Sandra's daughter being involved in a serious car accident, this date has had to be postponed, but the project will go ahead as soon as possible. 

For part of this time, they will stay at Messef and hope to carry out a range of improvements including repairing the badly leaking dormitory roofs and building a chicken coop so that the children can help produce and eat their own fresh eggs (see completed Father's Day Appeal below). 

If there are enough funds, they may build a tree house and adventure playground for the children....everything depends on how much money we can raise. 

An optimistic target has been added; there is no shortage of ways we can use the money.

Of course, we will also have fun with the children and are planning special science lessons and a range of activities that the children don't usually get the chance to experience.

If you would like to find out more about this trip, please visit Canadians for Messef

If you wish to support this project, please donate above.  All expenses will be covered by the participants and all money raised will go to benefit the children.

We have reset the end date of this appeal to the end of the year, but this is flexible, depending on when the trip will now be possible.


Donors in both Campaigns:  Jeanette & David; Lis; Posie, Stu & Kirk; Linda & Fray; Trudy; Wendy; Lisa; Sandra (and everyone she collected from) ; Tammy; Jamie; Ricki; Nathaniel; Solange; Carol; Ted & Glenda; Andrea

We also thank Pastor Quirico, Danilo and the rest of the Team for their help in too many ways to mention.


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