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Bakery Appeal
78.70 %
Goal: $3000.00 | Raised: $2361.00 Started: September 1, 2011
Ended: March 24, 2017

Update - June, 2014

See our Newsletter, for a full update on the closed state of this project.

Update - October, 2012

Our long-term aim is still to help Messef become self-sufficient. 

Developments with the Haitian government and failure to reach our intial target meant that we had to postpone moving forward with this project for a time. 

The funds that have so far been donated for the Bakery Project are intact and guarded safely.  In the meantime, a few have given permission to use some of their donations for much needed food.

Two older boys have been training at a local bakery in Ouanaminte to learn the skills required to carry the practical part forward.

However, we have won a competition and hope to receive a full set of commercial bakery equipment from the Brazilian government.  Plans are progressing and, if this comes to fruition, we can use the donated funds to build a simple, but purpose made, bakery.  We will keep you informed.

The original goals etc. below still apply.

Original Plan (modified) - September, 2011

Our aim is to help Messef become more self-sufficient.

Sometimes the things born of necessity are blessings in disguise.  In the present economic climate it is harder and harder for many of us to donate to charity, especially on a regular basis.  At the same time, we have reached a policy decision to concentrate on sustainable projects at Messef.   The saying  "Give a man a fish and you'll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you'll feed him for a lifetime" very much summarizes the direction we aim to move in.

The local members of our Ministry have carefully researched various possibilities to help achieve self-sufficiency at Messef.  They believe that a small commercial bakery to supply the local community is the most viable option. This will help feed the children at Messef and, most importantly, bring in some income to cover the monthly food budget for items that can't be produced at Messef.

Bread in Haiti is of extremely poor quality but popular with the Haitian people as it is a filling and cheap way of feeding their families.  We believe that if we can produce a better quality bread and supply it to the numerous, local food stores, our market would be guaranteed.

Members of our Ministry have baking skills and can teach the local people, thereby also providing a career option for the older residents.  There is sufficient space to accommodate this; all we would need to do is make some adaptations.  We would do the building work ourselves so just need to cover the cost of materials.  Messef has a motorbike, donated by Friends of Messef, so transport and delivery would not be a problem.

Please help us with this important project.  We have allowed a year to achieve this target but I trust that the bakery will be up and running before then. We have set our initial target at US$3,000, but this will be the cost if we can adapt existing accommodation.  If we decide to go for a purpose built location, the total may have to increase, but let's reach this goal first!

Thank you for your support!

Top Donors

  1. Bernadette - $500.00
  2. Ministry of Natural Resources & Government Complex, South Porcupine, Ontario - $465.00
  3. Pauline - $400.00
  4. Kay - $300.00