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2013 A New Year, A New Hope
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Goal: $3000.00 | Raised: $2345.00 Started: October 24, 2012
Ended: February 4, 2013

As our Christmas 2012 Fundraising drive, we are offering five ways for you to help these beautiful children, and many more, in 2013.  We hope you will take part.

1)  Messef Calendars for 2013

Lovingly produced by Jurgen Warschun, using mainly his own stunning photos.  These super calenders offer computer wallpaper/desktop for each month of the year, with a spellbinding cover, so that you can see our beautiful children every time you log in or need to check a date. 


We have the calendar in our classic Messef blue and also in a fine art sepia version.  They are sized to fit wide or standard screens and we will send out a complete set covering all options so that you can choose your own preferences.  Every month has a different photo of the beautiful children.

Simply decide how many friends and family you would like to send these to - and, of course, we are sure you will want one for yourself.  We just ask you to donate US$5 per person you wish to send it to. 

To simplify things, if you donate US$55 - US$1 per child -  you can send out as many sets as you like, without limit.  What a super stocking filler or small gift, filled with a lot of love and all for a good cause.


Please include your name and email address with your donation (automatic with PayPal) or you can contact us with any questions. We will take care of the rest and send you a special message and simple instructions to forward to your friends and family.

2)  Christmas donations in the name of family members or friends

If you would like to include the children at Christmas, and at the same time honour a loved one, how about making a donation in someone special's name, similar to the Fathers' Day Appeal?  You will receive a lovely Christmas Greeting card by email, showing that you have donated for that person and you can either keep it yourself or forward to the recipient.  We will list the names of everyone in the New Year but please be sure to let me know who you are dedicating the gift to.

3)  Donation in lieu of sending Christmas Cards or giving presents

As some friends have already pledged to do, please consider making a donation to Messef instead of spending a fortune on Christmas cards and gifts.  If you could see the difference your help makes to the children, we are sure this would be your choice.

So that you can let your friends and family know of your choice, we will send you a beautiful digital card wishing them a happy Christmas and New Year and a simple message explaining where your donation is going.  You can then forward this to as many people as you wish.

4)  Selling Messef goods locally

Some members have produced calendars/postcards in their own areas to sell for Messef.  In Canada, Shauna Quinn can supply you with a beautiful Messef postcard that can be used year round.  In the UK, Trudy Oliver is printing a version of the Messef 2013 calendar which would make a beautiful Christmas gift.  Please contact us for more details.

5) Shop online in the UK and raise funds for Messef - at no extra cost and with lots of very special offers just for members

We have an exciting new scheme for everyone who shops online in the UK.  With over 3,000 major retailers taking part, you are sure to find something you already plan to buy, whether at Christmas or throughout the year.  Just take a look at our Easyfundraising page and find out just how easy it really is.


We have set our target at US$3,000, which will enable us to make two full food runs to start off the year and have a little to spare for anti-parasite medication.

If you have any questions or need help with any of this, please don't hesitate to get in touch.  We love to hear from you.

Together we can make a difference in 2013.

Top Donors

  1. Bernadette - $700.00
  2. Rhonda - $265.00
  3. Beth and John - $200.00
  4. Pauline and Jamie - $200.00