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A roof over their heads
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Goal: $3000.00 | Raised: $3000.05 Started: July 19, 2013
Ended: March 20, 2015

Will you help us raise the roof by Christmas?

The boys at Messef are currently sleeping in a half finished house.  The "dormitory" they had, which wasn't fit for a dog, was pulled down earlier in the year to make way for a new dormitory, as demanded by the government's Inspector of Orphanages, as reported over a year ago.  The government make demands but they do not provide any money to carry out the improvements.

Messef have raised sufficient money themselves to build the block walls but have run out of funds.  We estimate that the cost to get the roof on will be around US$2,800, for materials of wood and tin and subsistence for the labourers.  The building is 16 x 8 meters in size.   We have skilled workers in our church in Cabarete, Dominican Rebublic, who have helped at Messef before and their work is excellent.  They are happy to help again, border regulations permitting.  We have rounded our goal up to US$3,000 to help with transport costs.

Our desire is to raise the required funds by the beginning of December (sooner would be great) and to get the work completed before Christmas, which gives us just 5 months to work a small miracle. 

God has already blessed the children by providing more beds, via our friends at A Serving Heart, so all we need is your help to raise the roof.

Together we can do it - please donate today.  Please contact us before donating with Pay Pal if you live in Canada, the UK or the Dominican Republic and you want to help us minimize banking costs.

Thank you to everyone who helped us meet our goal: Lisa, Wendy, Akisha, Scott, Melissa, Kristen and Mark, Crystal, Warren, Carol, Rebekkah and Lorenzo and friends.  We are so thankful for you all.  God bless you.


This project has been a long time in completion.  Lorenzo, friends and the Romanian churches in Canada bought the doors and windows in late 2014.  Blue Bell Woods Day Nursery in England provided funds to buy the building materials required to complete the finishing needed before the doors and windows could be installed.  All was finally completed for our visit in February, 2015.


The final stage will be a cement floor but we need to ensure the food supply before we start fundraising again for this.

Top Donors

  1. Lorenzo and friends - $2127.20
  2. Lisa - $385.00
  3. Linda - $150.00
  4. Rebekkah - $100.00